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Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of DEGIRANS SE to be held on 30.01.2024


Dear shareholders, we would like to cordially invite you to the Annual General Meeting of DEGIRANS SE, which will be held on 30 January 2024 at 11:00 a.m. in the Congress Hall of the ČZU Library, Kamýcká 1218, Prague 6 - Suchdol.&nb...







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Jarmila Jandová a Radislav Sonntag


We are co-owners - shareholders of DEGIRANS SE.

How did it happen?

For 20 years I have been designing wooden buildings and wood has become my mission. I use this natural material to create visualization projects. I know how important wood is to our lives. That is why I did not hesitate to join DEGIRANS SE, which supports projects for the restoration and sustainability of natural resources, tree planting, etc.

One project supported by DEGIRANS SE: MY TREES - Plant a tree and send it on, we signed up with my girlfriend. We share his idea and the values ​​that result from realization, helping nature and man to each other. The project is transparent, global with an amazing idea. That is why we invested CZK 1,000,000 in trees and land in Colombia.

Now that the purchase has become a reality, we are co-owners of this land, experiencing the whole story with great enthusiasm. We are no longer just visionaries, but implementers. The soil is bought and the trees are ready for planting. If you have such a desire to help nature by planting fast-growing trees, join yourself. You will save more years of trees to fulfill their versatile function. It is to help the planet, but to all of us. The reward associated with it is important to us in realizing our dreams - free to decide on our life and financial independence.

For us, this decision is right. In addition, we regularly meet with members of the society and devise plans that are feasible with such a group of people. But nothing goes without doing. First you have to give (finance, energy, enthusiasm,…) and then you get. They are beautiful stories that we have experienced since the beginning of our company. All our decisions are only in our heads.

David Krejčík


I decided to invest in Degirans SE because I believe in the company's potential and consider it is a good step to invest in land. I just didn't want to keep the money in the bank. At the moment, the bank will not offer you an interesting interest rate. Degirans SE was also very interested in projects I work on and I support it!

Lukáš Juřina


We are zerooone, we are architects and we want to be the first and the best in what we do and what we enjoy, thus 001. Words such as sustainable, self-sufficient, independent, innovative, friendly, ecological, and many others, that can be further extended across all fields of human activity, always resonate with us. We have chosen a partnership with DEGIRANS SE precisely because it is certainly the first and one of the best choices for all those interested in being a direct participant in such a meaningful journey. We want to be absolutely certain that we give back whatever we take from nature at least a few times over.

Ing. Miroslav Škvára, MBA

Financial literacy lecturer

We live at a time when the banking world is offering us negative interest rates, and former savings accounts are unfortunately becoming low-interest current accounts. This is one of the reasons why more investors are searching for alternative investments. Many people look at today's world from a different vantage point. They are looking for stories and innovations and they are interested in social projects and environmental protection. And the DEGIRANS project is also from this field. It is modern, fresh and has ambitions for the future. That's why it has captivated me and why I support it.

Karel Šíp


I decided to invest in DEGIRNAS SE shares for several reasons. One of them was that I currently own an investment portfolio and I was missing this type of shares in the portfolio. Another reason was the direction of the company and its global goals; this is always interesting for companies from an investor perspective. In the field of energy, renewable resources and technology, I see the future on a global level ...

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