about the company

Our ambition is to inspire the public to consciously reduce the carbon footprint.

We have a lot of ideas on how to do it, and we no longer enjoy waiting for them to be realized by someone else.

That's why we founded the company DEGIRANS in 2014. The aim of this company is to support, with the help of investors, generally beneficial projects with a focus on sustainable development.

In our portfolio, you can especially find projects from the areas of social business, environmental protection and renewable resources support.

However, we realize that for our projects must work, we must start with ourselves. We therefore build our corporate culture on values such as sharing, open communication and good behavior.

“We believe that one can behave decently in a relaxed environment as well. Prepare yourselves for the fact that we are purely casual not only in relation to ourselves but also to the surroundings :-)”

Beata Pilná,
Chairman of the Board,

Why invest in DEGIRANS SE?

Because we will use your money:

in a meaningful way

We choose only those projects that we believe in ourselves and we ensure that they are beneficial for our company and the planet


We ensure that a maximum amount of the finances invested is directly related to the actual implementation of the project and that the money is not lost in the administration


We treat your money as our own and we regularly inform shareholders about the preparations, the course of implementation and the results of the projects

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